S.01 – New Jacks Rising



[female robot voice] Attention. This cycle begins the inaugural season of The Pit Dreadball League. Your sponsor has been invited to compete. Process them by 07.3016. Squads compete for glory and entertainment. All entry fees have been waived but sponsorship must be registered. Unsigned clubs or squads out of uniform will be cremated on the premises. Have a nice day.[/female robot voice]


The following plays as your squad’s ship is approaching the asteroid and the players stare down into the mammoth pit below, an endless maw carved into the center of the rock.  Their attention is then turned to the mining facility where they survey the Dreadball Arena through large skylight windows.


Squad League Points Ranking Strike Difference
 ArdCorp Miners
Team Banzai Kozaniacs
 Section 44 Phantoms



S.01 Squads

Team Banzai Kozaniacs (robots)

Tech prodigies, Rick Garrity and Sonny Taniyama, were interns at the Banzai Institute for
Biological Engineering and Strategic Information, Advanced Robotics and Cybernetics. They
spent their days at the institute reconfiguring decommissioned military cyber-soldiers for peace-
time purposes under the watchful eye of acclaimed Professor Tohichi Hikita.
Their budding genius would soon blossom into boredom, however, and the two young men
would find themselves tinkering with spare parts late into the night. Before long, they had
created the Variable Purpose Automaton, the Swiss-army knife of robots. Impressed with the
flexibility, speed, and toughness of their invention, Rick and Sonny began sneaking the VPA into
the underground robot fighting pits. The boys continued to hone their invention, rapidly rising up
the ranks of the underground fight scene.
Unfortunately, success results in fame, and soon caught the attention of Professor Hikita.
Outraged that the students would revert their peaceful assignment back to violent purposes,
Professor Hikita recommended their expulsion from the institute. However, Doctor Banzai
himself was so impressed with the VPA’s engineering, he urged the young men to turn their iron
golem toward something far more ambitious: Dreadball!
Doctor Banzai sponsored the boys in creating an entire team of VPAs. They spent their days
constructing and programming their alloy marvels, and their evenings studying the tactics of the
great coaches in Dreadball history. Naming their team after the dragon-like scales of ancient,
Japanese armor, they submitted their charter to the League. Unproven and untested in the
arena, they were sent to the proving grounds of the PDL in the Outer Sphere.
The Banzai Institute has already deployed VPAs to dangerous rescue missions in the asteroid
belt mining colonies, and scientific explorations beyond the sphere. It is the wisdom and intent
of the great Doctor Banzai that the improvements made to the VPAs to bring home PDL gold will
translate into great technological advancements to benefit mankind for generations to come.