PDL Background


The Brothers-X, owners of ArdCorp(c) and the mining facility on asteroid C-198 (known as ‘The Pit’), have discovered a new source of metal in the depths of the rock. Equipping their most athletic miners in this new material, they have called out up and coming teams to challenge in The Pit Dreadball League.


Residing in orbit on the edge of the Outer Sphere, the PDL is an exhibition league. Teams cut their teeth here in hopes of gaining the experience necessary to push their club into one of the majors. The Brothers-X run the league with four iron-fists, and two pairs of jack-boots, having their own slant on what is Dreadball.

The distance to the nearest civilization within the corporation sphere is 4 parsecs. Due to this remote location, precautions are taken against rouge viruses, outdated and easily hacked droids, mystic telekenetics, rebels spreading discontent, as well as barring the nameless xenos fought against in the Su’nth’lak War.

MVPs rarely make it out this far, but on occasion a washed-up star may find themselves in the Outer Sphere looking to become relevant again. These players can sometimes be found in the ArdCorp Bar within C-198’s facility peddling their services to struggling teams.


Asteroid C-198’s revolution near planet S1x.66 makes routine passes by moon Azure XXIII where Pit Pathfinders deploy to forage for dihydrogen monoxide and rations for The Pit. Under-performing teams will be relegated to play on Azure providing spectacle for the Pathfinders and the local Yndij tribe.


Convicts, smugglers, rebels, and citizens of dubious background are either creamated or become property of the Brothers-X. Often this means they serve their time as pawns on the game grid.





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